This Milk is the Breast!

Speaking of Punk'd. These dude's got "Duct'd" er, "Nippled!" Er... "Breasted!" Okay, I'm going to stop now. Be sure to crank the volume. The music is oh-so funky.

Welcome to the new improved titty-flashing all morning-er.



Anonymous | 1:08 PM


Stacy | 1:15 PM


Canadian Mommy | 1:22 PM

That was too damn funny!

Anonymous | 1:52 PM


Aaaaaaaaaaacccck! hahahhahaha!

I'm confused. And a little ill. And maybe a little thirsty...

Anonymous | 2:10 PM

I almost fell off of my chair! That was so funny. Were a few of those guys actually taking sips of their coffee??

My ex-hubby used to like to freak folks out at parties by declaring that he liked breast milk. Raised a few eyebrows.

j.sterling | 3:42 PM

ummmm... wtf lol


your tits look great, bec. and i kinda like you as a blonde. good trick, but enough of your home movies -- more of archer in old man hats.


Thanks, BMC. You know how I CANNOT keep my shirt on, especially when rocking ou to euro-tech.

Chicky Chicky Baby | 4:37 PM



I'd like to believe that was a real trick ('cause its funnier that way) but no one still breastfeeding looks that good.

Andrea | 5:33 PM

I loved it. Even the older women were laughing. And the last guy who wanted more milk! WTF? That's just too dang funny.

Her Bad Mother | 5:41 PM

Thank you.

Anonymous | 5:49 PM


Anonymous | 6:09 PM

I usually take mine black but I may have to reconsider.

Mom101 | 6:40 PM

am I the only one looking at her skinny little size -4 ass and thinking there's no WAY that woman just had a baby?

Keri | 7:47 PM

People, if you look carefully, you will notice that each time the woman "milks" herself, she is holding onto something with her right hand. To be, that's a dead give-away, in addition to the fact that the milk unrealistically flows in a single stream, that this is all a hoax.

BUT I have to give her credit for having the guts to flash her titty in public just for a joke. ;)


HAHAHAHAHA! That's awesome.

Anonymous | 10:57 PM

oh my god i think i peed myself that was so funny. I will have to watch it again now to see if she is holding anything. Ic an seriously spray and yes it goes into a stream. I actually the other day was trying to explain to my six year old that mommy mad emilk like acow to give the baby he didi not get it so i whipped it out and was only goign to squeeze a couple drops out. Well i barely touched it adn wouldnt you know i got a full face full as well as my son. I am abotu died i was laughing so hard

Anonymous | 2:19 AM

uuuuuuhaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii oooooooo

Anonymous | 3:49 AM

I love it. She's so nonchalant about it. In one of the scense she takes a long shot- that milk travelled man!

Bluepaintred | 9:32 AM

omg omg omg that is tooooooo good. stealing it, posting it on my site... giving credit where credit is due...

how Do you find these things???


This was actually sent to me by my MIL. I have no clue where it came from before that. Hooray!

Angel Baby | 11:20 AM

Wow. If my boobs looked that good I'd be flashing them all over town too...

Anonymous | 8:39 PM

That was hilarious! I loved the guy at the end, holding up his cup for a little top-off.

Once when I was nursing my first baby, she pulled off abruptly at the doctor's office and I sprayed across the hall on to the wall across from me. I was mortified. To think I could have been 'net famous!

Mom O Matic | 10:38 PM

So jealous...of the let down reflex. I was hooked up like a cow to monster milking machine to get the milk out.

Lovely breasts too!

Anonymous | 2:30 PM

Mkay, I had to link you on this one. Its too great! And hell, it promotes the public exposure of the lactating breast. WAHOO!!