Attention Writers Who Parent, Parents Who Write, People who Read this Blog Who are Not Parents but Think Parents are Still Cool Who Write


I know that many of you, beside keeping a blog are working on books, specifically novels, and like me find yourself easily distracted, lacking the support you might need/want from peers/friends/spouses, beating yourself up for feeling overwhelmed by the work ahead. (Because writing a novel is A LOT of fucking work.)

Anyway, I'm thinking about launching a writers-group-blog for writers who are drafting their novel(s) and would like the feedback and support of fellow writers as well as editors. (I have already spoken to my fave editor-dude eva and he's excited to be a part of this.)

I have no idea if this is going to work but I thought I would at least try. I think it's very important for writers to write and although blogging is fantastic, I thought I would offer the opportunity for all of you who have a story to tell, to tell it. A writer's community may be just what you need to get inspired.

Please email me if you're interested in participating:

Say Word,


Thanks for all of your emails and I wanted to clarify that if you are working on short-stories, non-fiction, ANYTHING you are more than welcome! Several of you have also mentioned that you have had a project in the works and/or have one you would like to start. Again, WELCOME! Basically the group is open to anyone and everyone who is serious about their manuscript(s), regardless of what stage you are at with it. The blog WILL NOT be open to the public as to keep people's work private.

I'm having computer issues today (Hi, BRAND NEW MACBOOK = SUCKS... might have to blog about this later to warn all my peeps that Mac, though very chic with cool programs and design makes utter shit.) Regardless, I will get back to all of you after I get organized with this. In the meantime, thank you for your emails and keep them coming!

You're all awesome and I'm really excited about this! High fives all around and many exclamation points!!!


PunditMom | 6:34 AM

I'm a non-fiction writer and I get SOOO distracted, too ... the immense blogosphere is no help! :)

Mom101 | 8:04 AM

I think it's a GREAT idea, as long as its a closed community. I have serious trust issues with putting my yet unpublished work up on the internets for any weirdo (see: Amalah and metrodad's recent exploits with Claudia) to steal.

Good for you for being proactive in this. And I think ANYONE who writes is cool, mom or otherwise.But you'll always be the coolest.

Unknown | 8:17 AM

Count me in! Wait a minute, I'm the editor dude, I'm already in. This is the story: Books on writing blather about how isolating writing is and expect the tyro or established writer to deal with the situation on their own, further isolating them. Hogwash! This will be a place of support, a sharing of resources, and help with that thick-headed husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend who thinks you are wasting your time. We'll go through problems of character and story, but also band together. Like the song says, "You could smell the whiskey burning down Copperhead Road." Oops, wrong song. You get my drift.


It would be a CLOSED site, open only to writers and no lurkers allowed. T'would be a private place. Very private. I promise.

Binky | 9:41 AM

Word. You've got mail.

Julie Pippert | 9:47 AM

Count me in. You've already got an Editor Dude...can I be the Editor Babe?

I'll be glad to help however...and I have a lot of non-fiction experience.

Line, dev, any sort of edit. I'm your man, er, babe.

Also, I'll try to help people who have copyright and protection questions. Don't worry; the lawyer is on retainer. ;)

I'll email too...


This is great! I've already received a dozen emails from you guys! I'm so excited you are interested! Will get back to all of you in the next couple of days. I'm going to try to figure out if I can password protect the blogsite as well to insure everyone's privavcy. The people reading will be the people writing and other professionals guest-editing with advice. YOU GUYS ROCK! This is going to be fun!!! Woooooo!

Anonymous | 2:07 PM

I am jumping at this chance. My essay over at Write Stuff is about this, more or less, today. I hate tagging my own stuff in a comment, but it's relevant here. I think all writer-moms can relate.

Anonymous | 4:04 PM

I'm not a mom, but I love your fresh outlook on things. I love the pin up style of your header.... I stumbled across this using the next blog feature, and I must say, I think I will add you to my favourites!!

Anonymous | 5:23 PM

I'm beyond excited about this GGC