I found a Nu-Nu in my Shoe-Shoe

As of late Archer has been hiding his pacifiers in strange and wonderful places, like for instance a Michael Kors shoe: (Uncle Frank's influence?)

Slightly more glamorous than the Tampax box I found his nu-nu in several hours ago, but hey... can't win 'em all.



Anonymous | 1:34 PM

omg i love him. are those the gold shoes that i loved so much as well?

nonlineargirl | 2:24 PM

A close friend and I have felt like nu-nus to our kids, so we started referring to each other as nu-nu to the kids. Her son now calls me nu-nu, but my girl somehow decided her son is nu-nu. She asks for him all the time, but rarely have I found him among my shoes.

Ok, once.

Julie Pippert | 7:27 PM

That's what your shoes look like?

Mine look like "good to give chase of child in" shoes. My "fancy" shoes are Naot sandals. Not your sort of sandals as pictured. I mean substantial, good leather, practical shoes Nanny McPhee would wear sandals.

Pretty shoes.




Chicky Chicky Baby | 8:50 AM

Can you just imagine what was going through his mind when deciding where to put it?

Hmm.. should I put it in the black pair with the pointy toes? Nah.

The strappy gold sandals? Uh uh.

Ooh, these purple ones are pretty... No, wait! The Michael Kors. Yeah. That's the right place for my nu nu. A guy has got to have his standards.

Anonymous | 11:44 AM

Your child has good taste.

Anonymous | 8:11 PM

Pretty shoes. Just wait till he actually tries to put on the shoes and walk around the house. :)

Anonymous | 5:42 AM

Watch out for the subwoofer. Beck's been shoving his in the subwoofer necessitating major disassembly.

Mom101 | 4:51 PM

Uncle Frank indeed! Just the fact that he picked the Kors...well that kid has good taste. I'd expect nothing less of your progeny.

Unknown | 9:19 PM


Anonymous | 11:51 AM

My son has developed a shoe fetsih (that's my boy!); he drags them around, chews on them, tries to put them on people - doesn't matter if they are the appropriate shoe or not he will try to put my heels on dad. Evening shoes, no less, in the morning!

I hide the good ones.

Unknown | 12:39 PM

very very funny pics..... i love to watch kids.......great blog!!!!!child foot are very soft,,,they need only Timberland shoes....