GGC Weekend Recs

1. Bark Bark Bakery's Bisquits- I know, I know. I've already posted about my dog's weighty issues and here I am recommending gourmet dog treats but my new friend, Crystal from BarkBark mailed me (and the dogs) some of the most amazing treats you've ever seen or tasted (Yes, I even tasted them and they're DAMN GOOD) They're gorgeous and much of the proceeds go to several awesome pet-charities...

Get $10 off any purchase of $30 or more with code: GGCBARK, now through the end of October!

Your pets will thank you, and MAYBE forgive you for ignoring them since the pet human came along.

2. Little Miss Sunshine: A simply perfect film. Go see it now.

3. Cookie Magazine I wanted to make it clear that although I'm pretty disappointed with all parenting magazines I do adore Cookie and after this month's issue I thought I'd post a rec. Cookie's pretty much the only magazine with taste, style, featuring amazing mother-women with, well, taste and style. When Cookie arrives in the mail I get as excited as I do when I find Vogue and/or Harper's Bazaar in the box. Subscribe. I promise you won't be disappointed.

4. Peanut Better (yeah, turn up your volume... The site has good Jam. Heh! Get it? Good Jam!) I'm addicted to Peanut Better's Cinnamon Currant . My baby's daddy recently rec'd some free Peanut Better c/o Al Gore and the An Inconvenient Truth premiere. (FYI. We also got a hemp bag and tons of basil seed as well as a really awesome pair of shoe-laces made out of recycled cans. Jealous?) At first I thought Peanut Butter as swag was kind of, um, different (not that the hemp bag and various herb-seed was the usual premiere-worthy take-home gifts) but then I tried it. And it was good. And since then I just can't get enough. Go buy it online and/or at Whole Foods. Seriously, get on your bicycle and go NOW!

5. Bachelorette Parties- maybe it's just me but I don't get out much anymore so when it happens I become somewhat of a catholic student on spring break. My dearest friend is getting married in two weeks so I got a weekend baby break. It was much needed night out (my apologies to the various palm trees I freaked and the cab-drivers I harassed. I really thought "Moroccan Roll" was a funny play on words.)

I had so much fun and am paying for it today.

Oh but it hurts so good.



Kristen | 8:52 AM

Little Miss Sunshine rocked.

I hadn't heard of Peanut Better, but now I'm hungry.

kirida | 9:13 AM

Bachelorette parties turn all my friends into Shasty McNasties. I've never seen so much penis-paraphenalia in my life. I checked one of those straws (guess what was on the "business end"?) and it said, "Made in China." I'm sure somewhere in China, there's a man shaking his head at silly Americans.

Anonymous | 4:46 PM

I loved Little Miss Sunshine, definately my favorite movie in a LONG, LONG time! I just came home from almost a week away and my Cookie was in the mail pile. YAY!!