Fashion (Does Not) Rocks

Two Words: Dumb Chills.

Are you kidding me, Conde Nast? Between Fashion Rocks, sucking major ass (where was the fashion, btw? And Donna Karan? Honey... Oh, no you didn't with your boobage) and Parenting Magazine being, well, you read this post, I'm hereby resigning every magazine subscription I have.

Goodbye Vogue. Goodbye New Yorker. You're all dead to me.



Will | 11:41 PM

I just did my own commentary of current fashion. What do you expect from the people using Audrey's saintly image to press skinny pants? As if!

Belted sweaters...please. I for one refuse to endorse such crappiness.


*Tanyetta* | 12:26 PM

Tshirt, linen pants, loafers and a scrunchy! Yeahhhh :)

Funny how I dress my son super cute everyday but, I stand in my closet for hours trying to figure out what to wear. Go figure.

Anonymous | 6:50 PM

I just got a mailer from Loft and I almost spit out my coffee... I swear this is the SAME acrylic blaack and blue cowl-neck sweater (BELTED??!) and black leggings I wore in high school. 'Cept I wore mone with ankle boots. WTF? I meant, I'm not THAT old...

Her Bad Mother | 7:09 AM

Can I just hide my Vogues for a little while? I don't know that I have the courage to let go of that particular life raft just yet... even if it's gone ugly and stupid (it's just temporary, right? RIGHT?)

Anonymous | 7:44 AM

Obviously, OBVIOUSLY, this was done by a 17 year old intern. wonder why magazine subcriptions are going down and mommy blog readership up? duh.


I don't actually dislike Vogue and their fashion. On the contrary... I only meant that I was holding the "FASHION ROCKS" show against them because if you have a subscription to Vogue, New Yorker, any Conde Nast publication you rec'd the "Fahion Rocks" magazine with your mag this month, which was sent out to support the above linked show, "Fashion Rocks" Elton John's masturbatory fest that was supposed to be some sort of fashionable romp. Um.... it was HORRIBLE. No taste and I guess I expected more from the so-called "tasteful" Conde Nast.

Unknown | 5:58 AM

wanted to give you props on your writting. i like your style.

Anonymous | 1:45 PM

What about BUST magazine? or MS.

Can you keep those?