There Are No Words

We've had family visiting all week. Will resume blogging asap. In the meantime, this is the yummiest face eva. Tre delicious...



Andrea | 6:24 AM

Mmmmm. He's so tasty!

Jenn | 6:24 AM

He sure is a cutie!!

Anonymous | 8:28 AM


Anonymous | 8:34 AM

those curly eyelashes could hurt somebody!

Gina | 12:23 PM

Agreed, Delicious!

kittenpie | 1:10 PM

I love the chin. Seriously, how do you not nibble on the little nub all the time?

Sandra | 1:30 PM

So yummy!

Anonymous | 4:35 PM

freakin adorable!

MrsFortune | 7:29 PM

Dang, woman, you make some bootiful babies. Please make more.

Anonymous | 10:41 PM

Even cuter than a honey bear.