Parenting WTF

Hi. Hello, there. Quick question...

Why is it that the ONE food item my baby cannot eat is the ONE food item that looks most like a toy?For realsies, "WTF?"



The Mommy | 6:53 PM

Simple answer - to torture moms.

Kristen | 6:56 PM

Hahahaha!! That is SUCH a good point. Why the hell don't they put broccoli in a bear-shaped container?!

Anonymous | 6:56 PM

I thought they were only supposed to stay away from honey for the first year?

Awesomer Mom | 7:49 PM

I was thinking the same thing. Honey is only banned until they turn one. We give my toddler honey fresh from my FIL's hive. Good stuff.


Totally right, my peeps. Honey is a no-no for only the first year BUT I did not have this epiphany four months ago damnit so I'm sharing it now. Ha!

Cristina | 11:21 PM

I never thought of it that way, but you're absolutely right. It DOES look like a toy.

Keeping our children from accidently killing themselves is hard enough without the honey-makers making it even MORE difficult. Gawd!