GGC's Five Weekend Recs:

1. Book: Sippy Cups are not for Chardonnay: Written by my new friend and fellow Mama-blogger, Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, this book is so much fun it's not even fair. If you are not already a fan of her blog, go check-it out and fall in lurve, and if you haven't a copy of her book go buy one. It's a kick.

2. Cause: Momready Hurricane Clearinghouse: The travesty in New Orleans is far from over and although it's quite easy to forget that there are still THOUSANDS of people in great need of help, it's also quite easy to tune in and lend a hand if you are able. The Clearinghouse is basically a place for Katrina victims to list items they are desperately in need of so people like us can contact them personally and send what we can.

Perhaps you have some spare art supplies for evacuee, Matjames Metson?:
my name is matjames.i was put here in los angeles 16 days after katrina.i would like to ask for any art supplies so i can make art again.i also never learned how to drive a car but need a job.a job i can get to by metro.i live in korea town.the rent is really high.there isnt any where for my dogs to play.we are tired of being shut ins.i guess any help of any kind would be really new orleans!
thank you all for the help.your pal matjames.artist.
If you have any questions or comments you can contact Elisa or Yvonna at See all listings here and THANK YOU in advance.

3. Film: F is for Fake: Orson Welles's visual essay about fakes and fakery (hence the title.) A wonderful, insightful, quirky film involving fabulous characters and Wellesian twists. I have always been intrigued with lies, liars and the facts about fiction, after all, who is a greater liar than a writer? Take for instance this blog. Fiction or fact? Maybe I don't have a child. Maybe I'm really a man. I mean... right?

Rent it here on Netflix.

4. Event: Sal Glynn, Author, Editor, Mentor extraordinaire @ The Learning Annex in Los Angeles & San Francisco.

Sal edited my manuscript and is one of the finest editors and human beings I have ever known. He is my hero of all heroes and one day I will try to do him justice by blogging about his fabulousness. His brilliant book," The Dog Walked Down the Street: Requested and uncalled-for advice from a book midwife" is the only book about publishing you will ever need. It's wonderful and about to hit shelves so keep your eyes peeled or buy your advance copy here.

If by chance you do live in Los Angeles (Sept. 11th: See Info Here) or San Francisco (September 21st: See Info Here) and you're either working on a manuscript or wanting to, you should most def come check him out. (I'll be front row center waving my sign. Go Sal!)

5. Revenge: Sending your husband to buy you tampons. Haha, sucka!

Have a great holiday weekend, folks and foos!



Anonymous | 12:20 PM

Do NOT tease me with your no.4!! Although I was wondering when you wrote that you took a train to a wedding in Malibu (I think it was). Why a train if you're just in LA? But that's probably just me being blonde :) .... blog-reading & alcohol don't mix either.
Now I'm off to buy that book & rent that flic. Gratzi!

BabyonBored | 8:05 PM

You rock so hard beeyotch. Thanks for mentioning my book. I'm glad you liked it. I thought it might be up your alley! When are we doing another playdate? I need to get my hands on Archer's cheeks!