Walker, Secret Ranger

Yesterday I caught Archer walking, privately. I was in the other room and when I caught him halfway between the kitchen table and the couch and I screamed, fell to my knees with hands on my cheeks, just as he quickly fell on his knees and crawled on with sneaky eyes, nothing to see here!

This morning he did the same thing except I pretended not to notice and make a big deal. Perhaps the pressure was too much so I faked indifference.

"Two steps? Whatever. That's nothing," I said and went back to doing the dishes.

Last week I caught him walking (three steps?) down the hall before he fell to his knees. I thought maybe I was hallucinating. I had sort of resigned myself to the fact I would never see my son on two feet, at least not until after his fourteenth birthday.

But I think he was walking. I think he can walk. I think he has been walking... in secret.

I have decided that Archer is the smallest spy in town. He leads a double life and when I put him down to bed he secretly climbs out of his crib and walks around his room all night long. Much like the nutcracker and all of the holiday toys who come to life on Christmas Eve, Archer waits until I'm fast asleep and then he parades around the house on two feet. March, 2,3,4!

Perhaps he even sneaks out the window to show off his skills to the squirrels (or as he often says, "quirls"). Maybe he even climbs the persimmon tree in the backyard in sneakers, because in Archer's "secret life," he will actually wear SOMETHING beside Robeez.

AND MAYBE, just MAYBE one day, he will let me in on his little secret. Maybe, someday soon, I'll catch him walking and instead of falling to the floor, he'll smile and walk straight into my arms.



Anonymous | 2:21 PM

Congradulations on your stelth walker. Red would not walk with us in the room for weeks. And on the shoe issue, get ready for shoe shopping! It is so addictive I just blew a bunch of money on baby shoes now that my girl is a walker. The brand "See Kai Run" is great for new walkers, and they are Damn cute too! Good Luck!

Anonymous | 3:12 PM


Whirlwind | 3:53 PM

That is exactually what Meenie did! She was 15 months when I caught her out of the corner of my eye walking across the kitchen floor. And it wasn't a fall-down-after-one-step-learning-to-walk kind of walk, it was a I've-been-walking-for-awhile-except-when-you've-been-watching sort-of walk. And it was one week before Moe was born so it couldn't have been any better!

Congratulations Archer! You've opened up a whole new world to explore.

Anonymous | 3:55 PM

That is hilarious! Congrats.

motherbumper | 4:04 PM

I think my bumper has a secret life too. I'm glad I'm not alone.

Archer just wants to make sure he has it down perfect before showing it all off.

Way to go, Archer.

Anonymous | 9:41 PM

..and walk right on through to your heart..
love your pix!

Anonymous | 2:45 AM

The day Tom, my eldest walked for the 'first time' in front of me, it was like he'd been doing it for years! He was actually running up and down the corridor. I have photographic evidence and because he was so swift the pics are all blurry.
He MUST have been practising on his own but when?? Mmmmmmm

Way to go Archer!

Anonymous | 3:26 AM

Secret agent man...That's too funny! Maybe they ALL lead double lives...hmm.
Chloe refuses to stop wearing "nighttime"panys with me and always pees at night in them but when she stays with anyone else she wears "big girl" undies and has no problem...maybe it's the I want to stay a baby for mommy thing. Don't know, but that walking in secret thing is hilarious!
I have to comment anonymous..wtf?
Summer @ Woman on the Verge

Anonymous | 7:15 AM

Yay Archer! Go Speedracer!

Kristen | 6:24 PM

WOOO!! That is awesome! I can't believe he's been doing it in secret. I love that kid.

Jaelithe | 10:07 AM

Hehe this reminds me so much of Isaac. He didn't walk in secret, but he does lots of other stuff in secret. Like when he "reads" his books (I still haven't figured out how much of the time he is actually recognizing words-- probably rarely-- and how often he is just remembering what words go with what page-- probably much more often-- but whatever. He calls it reading). He'll have his Happy Baby Palabras book out, and I'll hear him saying, "Eyes, ojos. Nose, nariz. Mouth, boca," as he points at the appropriate pictures. But the minute he realizes I am watching him he stops, screeches, glares in my general direction, and slams the book shut. Heh.

Her Bad Mother | 12:21 PM

You're not surprised, are you? a child that canny has, I'm certain, many skills that he is keeping from you (cooking, driving, keeping Kors footwear in stock) - how better to keep you his bitch?

Anonymous | 8:30 PM

What a smart cookie! I just had this conversation with my sis. Her 14 month old would not walk but climbed on everything. Then one day out of the blue she walked across the room. Not take a step...stumble...balance...take step. She WALKED. I told my sister that she's probably been walking behind her back. After reading your post I'm sure of it.

kittenpie | 11:56 AM

That's hilarious. You know, they say some kids don't talk until they have complete sentences and something they wthink is worth saying, some kids don't walk until they are ready to run after something worthwhile. It cracks me up that he's practising in private for that moment...

Anonymous | 11:47 AM

Rocking! Congrats on the secret cruising. Now you'll just have to be extra sly yourself...

the mad momma | 12:32 AM

this kid is just too cute! well mommy ...now you know you need to keep an eye out on him... just when you think he isnt doing it... he will up and surprise you. congratulations.. now you can start moving all your breakables a foot higher.