Pee Pee Haiku/ Happy Birthday Dad

I know. I know. Poo-poo Haiku has such a better "ring" to it but my recent experience with getting peed on in the shower inspired the following verse:

My Golden Arches

Showers with Mommy!
Ha! I peed on your shoulder.
Squirt gun time. Aim! Fire!

Your Golden Arches

Dude. Don't pee on me.
Even when in the shower
It's uncomfortable.

As always, feel free to express your own pee-ativity in the comments. I'm sure (especially if you have a son) that you have been peed on all sorts of times in all sorts of interesting ways! Please share. Awesome!


I also would like to wish my Dad a very happy birthday. I worship you, dude and I'm sorry if I ever peed on your when I was younger. (It totally sucks, doesn't it?)

I digress... Have a wonderful day and year and always. Thank you for being such an amazing father to me and grandfather to Archer. I am in awe of you, always. BFF.

Keep rapping.. Soma!

Love you x infinity googolplex.


Rebecca & Archer


Unknown | 11:43 AM

Great haiku. I don't have those skills, but my most recent pee experience with my daughter is trying to catch her before she pees, since she insists on punting her pullup across the room every time I put it on her.

The other day she had stayed dry and pullup free for so long that I thought we were making potty training progress. Whatever. I looked away for a second and she peed on my bed.

Thanks, kid.

metro mama | 12:00 PM

Love your haiku.

Here's one:

Babe. Please tell me why
soon as your diaper was off
you peed on your bear.

Whirlwind | 12:06 PM

Love the haiku.

I never thought I would have to worry about being peed on by my daughter, but my oldest managed to spray pretty good a few times. The worst was when she managed to soak hubby, the changing table and the wall next to the table.

Unknown | 12:47 PM

Tom once aimed and hit me in the mouth. Baby pee tastes rank!

Her Bad Mother | 3:52 PM

I have not, actually, been peed on. One of the benefits of the girl child, I suppose.

I have, however, witnessed the tub dump. That was pretty good.

I shit in tub
Mom throws up a little bit
In her mouth

(B-day props to your pa)

Andrea | 5:30 PM

Crawling on the floor
He stopped a second to pee
His mother laughed hard

Golden Arch does flow
But this isn't McDonald's
Pee from your french fry

Anonymous | 6:15 PM

happy birthday Beccas dad!!!tell him to come back 2 sbw for another science chat! lol

Anonymous | 7:51 PM

Haha! I love your potty haiku!

When Ezra was a newborn, he peed straight into my eye in the middle of the night-- I vaguely remember wiping it out with my hand, and staggering back to bed and blessed sleep without washing my hand or face. I was so freaking tired, I still don't care that I slept with pee in my eye.

-The Flaming Maiden

Anonymous | 8:37 PM

I've never left a comment on your blog, but I read it every day and love it.

Anyway, this one, and all the corresponding comments have me laughing so hard. Oh my gosh. So funny.

Heather | 6:38 PM

Aw I'm late to your party but it looks like you and your dad are as close as my dad and I are - we're both lucky kids.

kittenpie | 8:02 AM

Uh-hunh, little wee baby pumpkinpie, nekkid and diaper-free for about 10 seconds at the doctor for a weigh-in, peed all down my front. In public. No change of clothes handy. thaaanks. At least I had a sweatshirt I could throw on over my T and just be hot till I got home.