GGC Motivation

Thanks to Kristen for the upload link. Create your own motivational masterpiece HERE*!


*Warning: MAJOR work-distraction.


Jessica | 10:21 AM

OMG, I love this!

Anonymous | 10:47 AM

Send them my way if you do them. I'm making a whole post of them all listed.


Anonymous | 11:02 AM

The childproofing is pee you pants funny, thank you for that...

MrsFortune | 11:53 AM

Dang, if I did work, this would be way fodder for me getting fired. :0)

And I love the fashion magazine post below, love love love it, but didn't want to comment late. If they sold kitten heels at Nordstrom rack I'd so do the dishes in them. And nothing else.

Anonymous | 9:47 PM

I printed out the middle one and put it in my wallet.

Unknown | 5:47 AM

Love these. Thanks for passing along another distraction.

Kristen | 9:15 AM

I love the tag line on "Hell Yeah" - hilarious.

Damselfly | 12:08 PM

Came over from Motherhood Uncesored ... your Successories are the best!

Jessica | 8:44 AM

Okay - I've got my motivational pics up....thanks for the link!

Anonymous | 9:44 AM

Soooo cute! But poor Archer; how does he feel about having to sit in that cow print seat? :-)

Creative-Type Dad | 3:48 PM

Too funny!!!
That cabinet...we do the same thing. Except we use rope, duct tape, rubber bands, etc.
MacGyver would be proud of both of us.