He talks all day long and can say pretty much anything. Like for example,"perch". He can say perch. And anemone. He can say horse and carriage and ferrari and he can say Salvador Ferragamo. He can also say "I feel like a dinner roll" and "stop! or my mom will shoot!"

Except he does it in his own language.

"Archer! How was your day?"

"Goo dit. Di gah la pooduplaaaaaah gigi! Alalalawalawalawalala HOOOOOT!"

"Yes! Dit! Dit you have fun?"


"Fantastic! Shall we read a book?"

"Plth. Jow. Jow in lapalapa."

"Good boy with your words, Arch! My Lapalapa is right! Come sit down in my lapalapa and we will jow pth!"

"Garlo Ifkis bahbahbahlooooooo. Cous cous."

"YES! Good Boy! That's right! We're going to read Ten Little Dinasoars! Can you say dinosaur?"

"Ah-pu Dardardar."


And I seriously am excited. This crazy language makes me so proud. Even if he's nowhere near saying Cat and Dog, I SWEAR he can say ambulance when he feels like it. It sounds like "Haaaselpblthhhhh" but whatever, close enough.

Something like eight months ago I blogged about Archer's first word: Dragon. I'm beginning to think it was a fluke. He has yet to say anything since then beside the occasional mama, dada, and "NO!" Hmmmm. Maybe I should cross that one off the babybook first word list. He was six months old, after all. And now he's sixteen months.

Still no walks by the way. Yeah. We're still knee-ing.

"Hey Arch. Wanna knee race?"

"Golinrarar. Dit Doot Dit Loop."

"Yes! Good! We're going to go to the park! Can you say sandbox?"


"Come on, dude! SAAAAANDBOX"

"Garsjklaks! Lucalalciallica."

"Good man!!!!"

Who needs walking when you have words like "pololololololalalalalalblth and dit-dit-paloolalalacka-woo."

Yes, indeed. Pure jow lapalapa.



*Tanyetta* | 11:42 PM

That's right! Archer's doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing! Things his way! I love it! :)

I saw a tshirt that said: I'll walk when I'm ready! Dang it I should have bought it. It was at a thrift shop for $1. (i'm kicking myself) it would have been perfect for Archer

Christina | 5:36 AM

I love when they start talking in their own language. Cordy still talks in that language, but now she throws in real words in the middle. Which means I have to listen even more carefully to pick out the English mixed in with Cordy speak.

I feel like someone learning a new language by living with someone who speaks that language, where every now and then I hear a word I understand.

Molly | 6:36 AM

Oh my god. This is amazing. I wish that he would remember this language later in life, and still be able to speak it. I can't wait for my kid to talk! All he can say now is "Hoo" and "Aah" and "Hoo-ahh!" and a weird dolphiny sound.

Mom101 | 7:04 AM

Archer and Thalia speak the same language! Maybe we can get them together and one of them can translate?

Jill | 8:12 AM

Who cares if you can't walk and talk if you can rock an AC/DC T-shirt!

I used to obsess about my son's non-talking at age two. I had dreams about it at night I thought about it so much. He eventually started talking at his own pace and now he is so vocabularious (?)at age 4 that he can practically tell you the scientific name of most plants and animals.

Not to worry about your little man. He's clearly a rock star.

Kristen | 8:53 AM

I love Archer's language. I love that he is so adamant about it! He rocks. (And you're doing exactly what you're supposed to, you know, with all of the questions and repetition of what you think he's trying to say, etc...but I know you already know that.)

Canadian Mommy | 9:21 AM

Did you know that babies (toddlers) will say a word once or twice, then store it until about 18 months?
I swore my daughter was saying 'shoes' then, nothing. But, sure enough, around 18 months, 'shoes' plus a few others were back in full force.
It's like they learn it, and put it away while they learn other things.
So, I am sure he said Dragon!
Cute language, for a cute guy!

Binky | 9:33 AM

Tolby doesn't babble. She just uses one word incessantly. Right now the word du jour is "look." Look, look, look. "Yes, honey, I see." Look! Look! At least that makes sense, though. Before everything was "dog" to her. I admire Archer's realization that variety is the spice of life.

Anonymous | 9:58 AM

I called that Gabe-ese when he was doing it. Now I can't get him to stop talking the real stuff when he needs to. We were out for dinner last night for my mother-in-law's birthday, and he shouted across the table (and the room), "Gamma! I farted!"

Be glad when Archer says, "I farted," it sounds like "Ditdit lalalapingars!"

Anonymous | 10:03 AM

Damn, I wish some of my kids were still using their special toddler language. "Idiot", "Freak" and "Butt-Head" would sound so much better. (these being the current top three names they hurl at each other in anger.)

Unknown | 11:02 AM

What kills me about the way peanut speaks is that she will raise and lower her eyebrows and move her hands about. She has different intonations just like she was speaking English. Of course my favorite is that most stories end with a high pitched "EEEEEEEEYYYYY". and a big smile of triumph. As if to say, "Can you beleive that?!" while we all break out in laughter.

Cristina | 11:47 AM

I think I heard that Einstein didn't talk until he was three years old. Did I imagine that? Anyway, Archer seems to be doing just fine...and all that babbling totally counts as talking. My little guy is fond of saying durdle durdle all the time. I have no idea what it means, but I know it means something to him!

J | 12:00 PM

Maya said her first word on her 8 month birthday. "Maya". Fluke, though, because she didn't say anything else for a few months.

Me? I didn't talk until 15 or 16 months, and then the first words were, "Where's the little dog?". Didn't walk either. But I'm 40 now, and I do OK at both. ;)

Anonymous | 2:45 PM

SNAP!!! Tom, eldest and Sylvie my 3rd are identical. Complete gibberish until after they were 2. They sounded like they talking fluently though. You can hear that Slyive repeats a sentence exactly but its still complete babble. She obviously knows what shes saying! My 2nd could hold a perfect conversation by the time she was 2 so I thought it was a girl/boy thing but Sylvie has proved me wrong. She's just beginning to sound alot clearer now at 25 months.

kittenpie | 3:42 PM

It's called jargoning, when they mimic intonation and phonemes, but don't form words that we recognize. Pumpkinpie did that until she was getting close to two as well, though she's clear as a bell now at a month shy of 2.5. The explosion happens really fast, actually, one week I was faithfully recording words, the next I has run out of space and gave up trying to keep track, she was sponging them up so fast. it's such a phenomenal time in the development, I love it.

Emery Jo | 7:07 PM

Go Archer!

I think he's speaking 'Tazmanian Devil', which is considered an ancient and lost language.

Only really really smart people know it.

kirida | 7:38 PM

Oh just wait until he can say, "Oy vey." Then won't you be really proud?

Heather | 9:40 PM

Once you start understanding them, they totally know more pretending to not know he's asking for another cookie, or ice cream.

I love that pre-speech though.

crazymumma | 10:20 PM

But....with the ACDC t-shirt he WILL get the basics.
Isn't it funny how we understand them tho'?

He's darn cute. No words for that ...

PunditMom | 9:41 AM

I love how we can understand their words when no one else can! How does that work?

My favorite was "Op-ee-doe!" Read: Up we go! :)

Anonymous | 5:04 PM

It only gets better. I love talking with Q.

Except when she talks back.

And it's not nice.

But then. I still think it's kind of funny.

Inside. Of course.

Jessica | 6:20 PM


GGC, he is absolutely, stinkin' adorable...seriously! More Archer pics!

Chris | 6:33 PM

Bring him over and let him play with Zed. They can have quite a conversation! 18 months and still nothing but dada and mama, but he did say "Chick!" the other night when he saw a chicken on tv, so I'm hoping we're turning the corner.

It won't be long until you're writing about his first curse word. Fun!

Her Bad Mother | 7:35 AM

We had a couple of moments in which I was convinced that WonderBaby spoke. "Kitty" - clear as a bell. Then never spoken again. A few days later, at the doctor - 'Tank yoooo', to the nurse, who looked at me and asked, 'did she just say 'thank you'? But these words, too, never spoken again. Now, all we get is 'oooh!' and 'bah!' and 'mamamamamamamaMA!

I'm thinking that maybe she peaked at 8 months.

Anonymous | 12:47 PM

Chance is at 18 months and still nothing, too. He'll sing along with toys, talk with the TV, tells us whole stories... but all in his own gobbledygook. (I'm pretty sure I heard him say "gobbledygook" the other day.)

Personally, I'd really like some words soon. I have a feeling it will be non-stop after that.

BabyonBored | 12:57 PM

I love their little language too. Although now that Elby can talk more, she tells me her opinions waay too much. If I dare turn on music that she doesn't like she lets me hear about it. Now I just have to pretend I don't understand her.

the mad momma | 3:14 AM

well the brat has a vocabulary that is fair enough... but the fortunate part is that he still doesnt say NO!!! I am dreading the day he picks it up. he's conquered flower, happy, pig, horse, and a dozen others but NO is still a tonguw twister...

kids take their own time. i spoke at 9 months and my brother only at 2 years.. but today is definitely the more articulate of the two and the brains of the family!!!