Confessions of a Macochist: More Bad Apples

Macochist: (n) A loyal mac-owner who is in constant denial over the fact that his/her Mac IS NOT the superior machine he/she says it is; Owner of a problematic Mac who after living with a faulty machine for three years, bought a newer, still faulty machine and spends much of her days without her Mac (in the shop) and/or crying because of technical issues

I have confessed to being a Masculist but today I have bigger fish to fry. Corporate fish and after my rant on technology I am feeling especially fiesty. Fiesty, you say? Yes. I am shaking like a leaf, frustrated and would like a cigarette. Or maybe just a computer that works. That would be nice (although seemingly impossible.)

I bought an IBOOK three years ago. Within three weeks of taking it home the screen went black. When I called Mac Support the lady on the end of the line admitted that the IBOOKS had logicboard issues and that I should drop it off at the Mac store for repairs. THREE WEEKS LATER, my computer came back. It worked. For a few months. And then the screen went black again. This happened FOUR TIMES. Mac admitted I had a faulty computer but that there was nothing they could do but fix it, even though it never was fixed.

"It's a lemon but unfortunately there is nothing we can do for you. Would you like a free battery?"

Mac offered me all sorts of gifts. New battery. New power chord. New program. My own Mac email address. I said No to all them because I wanted a new computer and I was promised "If it breaks once more, we'll give you a brand new machine."

Hours of crying on the phone. Hours of crying in general. I believed them. Then my computer went black again (about a month ago) and when I called Mac support I was informed that because the WEEK BEFORE Mac Support had expired, I would not be eligible for a new machine and tough luck.

Okay, so tough luck. I cried again. I kicked and screamed and wrote a letter of complaint that was never responded to. I paced. I cried again. But the worst part about it all? When my husband so wisely suggested "Don't get another Mac. Buy a PC this time" I shook my head, "No. I want a new Mac. The new Macs will be different."

Like a typical macochistic bitch, I was coming back for more. I trusted that next time would be different.

So I bought a new Mac. I charged $1400 dollars and came home with a brand spanking new MacBook and for two -whole weeks it worked. Two weeks! And then? Random shut-down here. Random shut-down there. Random shut-down over and over until it was obvious I wasn't getting on my computer. WTF!?

I was told over the phone that Mac knew this was an issue and would be happy to give me a new computer, even though, and I quote, "the new computer will probably have the same issue." Which means that Mac is selling bad apples. Yes. BAD APPLES. There is NO EXCUSE for this and it sucks to spend a shitload of money on a product that is BAD. They know it's bad and are not telling.

fortunately, customers are. Someone has even started a website in protest of the MacBook random shut-down. There are also about a thousand forums out there about these same issues.

If you are thinking about getting a Macbook, DON'T. Just because Steve Jobs is "cooler" than Bill Gates doesn't mean he's a better boyfriend, know what I mean?

In fact, Bill Gates is looking mighty fine right about now. And Steve Jobs? I've had it with you. This is the last Mac I will ever own and I NEVER want to see you again.

I may have been a Macochist in the past but I'm over it. You hear that, Imovie and Ichat and Iphoto and Ilife? Imoverit. For real this time.



Amy | 4:44 PM

I just boxed up my Macbook to be sent in for repair. The applecare guy said they have to keep having people mail them in because there are so many known issues. They can't keep the stores stocked with parts fast enough. Oh Apple, how I used to adore thee.

Anonymous | 5:09 PM

delurking.....A former "Macochist" here as well. My G4 died this year ( fer the 5th and last time) and I bought a PC that a friend built for me. I love it! And I am a graphic designer who is supposed to love Macs, go figure. I am proud to be a PC owner for the last 6 months, with no problems!

Andrea | 6:44 PM

Since it wasn't that long ago that you bought it, is there any chance of returning it for your money back so you can get a PC? I bought a Dell (desktop) last November and have been one happy writer. Well, if the whole writing on a schedule thing would just work out. :)

Denice | 7:02 PM

That's so weird! I'm a Mac lover and freelance writer/graphic designer who has owned a number of Macs over the last 14 years and I've never had any major problems. I bought an iMac G5 a year ago and was just bragging the other day that it hasn't crashed once. Maybe it's just the laptops that have issues - I've never used one of those.

crazymumma | 7:17 PM

We just have an old dinosaur that David brought home from the office. You can hear it start up like a little VW and it takes forever. It's a PC and has proved fairly reliable. But SO big and SO ugly and SO not sexy. I like sexy little IBooks.....


Yeah. It's for sure a laptop thing. I have never owned a desktop (i'm a girl on the go. ha!) but i hear the desktops are ship-shape.

Anonymous | 8:31 PM

I, too, had to leave appleland because of similar issues. I bought a hp and though I don't feel nearly as emotionally attached to it as I did my mac, it works like a champ.

Anonymous | 9:52 PM

I have a new Macbook and have been having a smilar problem. When I leave it in sleep mode, then "wake it up" it will sometimes shut itself down without me instructing it to do so. I have noticed that if I shut it down every night before i go to bed, rather than leving it in sleep mode, the problem subsides. I have an I mac desktop that is 4 years old and has never given me any problems, so I am sort of in denial that there is an issue with my beloved laptop. Oh and the freakin battery gets so hot, it burns me if I try and use it on my lap. What a concept, huh? I mean why would anyone want to use a laptop on their lap? I am demanding a new battery at least.

Gina | 10:51 PM

I am lucky that I happen to love my mac, but it's owned by my employer, so when there are problems, the IT guys fix it quick so I can be as productive as possible. I am sorry for your trouble... I have loved Macs for 6 years now, but I am now afraid to buy one for my own home use.

Sandra | 8:24 AM

Oh that sucks.

I am in a long term relationship with my Mac who's been very good to me. Although I'd feel the same way as you had I experienced any of the lemons you've had.

Chris | 11:24 AM

That's it. Come on over to the dark side. You'll like it here.

Seriously, good luck with the new computer.

Virtualsprite | 11:40 AM

As a bi-platform girl (mac at work, PC at home) I can honestly say when I get home, I'm damn glad that I can leave my stupid, crashing G5 at work. Yeah... OSX never crashes. My ass.

Good luck with the new 'puter.

Anonymous | 1:41 PM

Thank you so much for posting this. I'm sorry you're going through it- but you seriously saved me. I was thinking of getting a Mac after seeing those commercials. now? no way in hell.

P.S. Customer service with Dell is no better. I have a Dell for work.

Cath | 1:45 PM

I've had the same ibook for 2 years and a half and never had a single problem with it. Never needed maintenance, never shut down, never anything. I can count on the fingers of a single hand the number of times it froze, but all of my PCs before? Ha! Countless. I wouldn't touch another PC with a ten-foot pole. I've suffered these machines long enough to deserve peace of mind with Mac. Maybe I've only been lucky, but even then, PCs are just as bad. There's no escaping bad technology!

Creative-Type Dad | 1:50 PM

Wow!! Steve Jobs must not like you.

I've had both PC and Mac's for about 11 years and even though I've sometimes had problems with the Macs, it doesn't suck nearly as much as the PC.

Anonymous | 8:20 AM

awwwwww as a mac-lover, I'm sad to see you go. I'm with Denice... I have a tower (the same one since 2001) and I've never had a problem with it.

...just make sure you give your Mac a hug before you launch into the recycling bin. (To keep the computer-karma on YOUR side)


Well, I'm not getting a new comp YET. I have this one, after all and it's too late for money back so I will be getting THIS machine repaired. Will see what happens. I want it to work. I really do.

metro mama | 6:48 PM

They both suck, but at least PCs are a lot cheaper than MAC. And more people know how to fix 'em.

Ren! | 4:11 PM

My suggestion: get a PC and put Linux on it. Probably Xubuntu or better. Ask any computer nerd for help and I'm sure they can help out (every nerd knows Linux). Best part about it: not only is Linux FREE but it doesn't get viruses or any of that crap. So join the penguin army!

Ren! | 4:13 PM

Oh yeah, and HP is a better choice than both Dell or Gateway, PC-wise. Just in case you're on the hunt for a PC someday. Happy 'putering!